Crystal Grids on Your Altars

Gridding is a tool that can enhance your altar practice. It is using individual gemstones or simply rocks you’ve found that you feel an energetic attraction towards to create focus around a specific goal, concept or intention.

Energy tools with Intention Setting

The idea behind this energy tool is to use a defined shape you create or a sacred geometry pattern. The latter is often accomplished by using a predesigned pattern on a cloth or piece of wood. These are easily purchased online at your favorite crystal shop or neighborhood purveyor of metaphysical or pagan goods.

Flower of Life wooden grid I purchased from the 7 Directions.

I would like to encourage you to explore your creative self and design or make your own. The process of creating one increases your connection to the tool as well as helps you explore and learn more about the meaning of the design you use. For me that means you are adding another layer of purpose, meaning and magick.

How to get started

A basic approach to grid creation for me looks like this:

  • Clarify what I want to create a crystal grid for – what I am wanting to achieve or the energy I want to amplify around a certain intention.

  • Select the stones I wish to use. Now crystals have certain energetic footprints so I go a bit rogue here because I often include items that are not crystal stones but also speak to me for the purpose I wish to address. So sometimes pinecones, flowers, feathers – other natural items end up within my grids.

    I just believe they also have an energy that can contribute to the outcome in a positive way. My gut or intuition always guide me.

  • During the selection process I make sure the items I choose are clean physically and energetically along with the location I will be placing or creating the grid.

    For me this means dusting with a soft cloth and sweeping the energy with my hands. Sometimes I will burn a piece of sage (I grow my own for use in my sacred work) or incense to help clear the energy. If placed by a window I open that to to allow stagnate energy out and circulate the air.

  • I rarely write the intention down to place on the grid. I live with cats and a partner who move and knock things about just by existing. So I sit with the intention and breathe it into my movements or sing it up while I am placing the items on the grid pattern.

    I work my way from the inside out. Others do it the opposite way. What comes ‘naturally to you’ is my opinion on this approach. For me its more important how I am feeling while placing the stones.

    When I place the first centerpiece stone I do sometimes place a spell or prayer there underneath but again not always.

  • I use a clear crystal point to activate my grid touching each stone to the center stone and working my way around the grid until all have been connected in this manner. I created a special wand with a crystal point so its the wand I truly use. It has better reach, it is ‘badass’ and again it adds another layer of energy and meaning.

    I usually end with with a few personal words or a prayer.

  • How long I keep the grid up depends on where I’ve placed it (which also often determines where placement will be in the first place if I want the grid up for longer than a week). A grid for a certain event comes down when the event is over. A general grid may be up for a month or longer.
An amethyst and white sage grid I created inviting the energy of both on a deeper connection.

Freestyle Gridding

Now being a women who both likes structure and dislikes rules – I also do freestyle gridding.

For me this means that I incorporate a grid with partial pattern and symmetry and partial whatever the juju within me wants to depict.

And I dig this approach!

It is freeing to define your path and style.

I use books as guides or study with others to glean the messages and purpose. Then I allow myself to work with these tools in a way that honors myself, my ancestors and the current world in which I find myself. I allow myself to play with what works best for me.

May it be so for you too.

Action Step

Keep it simple. You don’t need to run to a crystal store or make a list of every grid goal you now wish to grid on. I’ve gridded my whole house with four black stones in the corners and the house the center. You don’t need tons of stuff to work your magick and increase the energy in the direction you wish. If you have no crystals then I would consider 4 to 6 small clear crystal points to help magnify the energy of any other stones or items you place with them.

An example of a crystal grid by Denise Campbell
A healing crystal grid by Denise Campbell, Earth Medicine practitioner

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