Your Altars

Have you been curious about the practice of Altar Building?

Do you have set beliefs in who can build an altar or think they are just something that you see inside a church or place of worship?

Perhaps you have been creating little altars all your life (as I had been doing) and want to find ways to put more intention behind them and how you work with them.

At Altar This I am breaking down the concept of altars as I have come to believe in them in 3 areas:

  • Spirit – your sacred mental state and how you move through the world.
  • Body – the way you adorn your physical form with sacred intention.
  • Home – your living spaces whether personal, work or play including your gardens.

I will give you visual imagery, tips and suggestions as well as interviews with other spiritual guides aka Featured Altarists to help you define, craft and create altars that have you building altars that lift you up and inspire you to live your life your way.

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Imagery: Kaia Pieters and Julia Ferguson Andriessen
Let Your Life Be Your Altar

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Let Your Life Be Your Altar

May it be so – So be it