Featured Altarists for You

Isn’t it fun to see what others are creating?

Perhaps you find yourself stumped on how to begin?

Let’s explore together all the ways you can begin to invite the shifts you desire or need into your life.  The growth or ease or simply the way to be that feels right to you.

As a visual person who best learns by seeing firsthand, I am sharing with you clever, creative and cool women’s altars through images and interviews that includes their professional offerings to help you see for yourself how inspiring and potentially life changing taking on this practice or tool can be for you.

Every few weeks I will share a new Altarist.  (After launch when I will share a handful up front to help with your initial exploration to see what may draw you in or prefer for you own needs and interests)

It is my hope that you will be inspired to begin building your own altars in your home or work space, begin treating your body as an altar when you dress or prepare for a special event and finally with every breath you life your life as an altar – worthy, valued and always enough just as you are in this moment.

As I am not here to teach you each step (because each of you will want to go about this in your own unique way and I believe you will evolve over time in your approach) I wanted to provide you with a global circle of powerful women who are healers and wisdom keepers.  Creatives through art and dance, therapy and music.  Aromatherapy, Earth Medicine, shamanic practitioners.  The offerings are vast and varied and hopefully you will find them diverse and supportive to your wants and needs.

I want you to be aware of all these women and their offerings.  To pull in the ones that call you and find ways to work with them to help you along your spiritual path.

May you join this circle and let your life be an altar.  For you are sacred and we are grateful for you.

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Imagery: Kaia Pieters and Julia Ferguson Andriessen
Let Your Life Be Your Altar

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Let Your Life Be Your Altar

May it be so – So be it