Sacred Storytelling

I walk this earth as poet, as a writer both of words and imagery. Nature and architecture – opposites in many ways – both draw me in. When I see something that grabs or intrigues me, words often start populating my thoughts. When I start to hear words, images come forth without being called upon.

I poetize as I live and breath. I use photography as a way to illustrate what dances around in my mind.

I find both showing up on my altars as a form of inspiration and visual representation of the intention of the altar’s purpose.

Digital downloads of Art Poems

I offer downloads of my work here for you to easily access and print on whatever quality of paper you choose or perhaps place on your desktop (another form of altar in your Life Space). This allows me to keep the price points very reasonable whilst also helping me thrive with bills paid. It also ties into my needs to reduce waste via packaging and shipping.

Some items I will offer as tangible pieces of art. Words and paint often collide in my world and perhaps one of those will end up here for purchase to find their way onto an altar of yours.

Getting started

As always, I encourage you to do the same. Write what your heart wants to sing – put thoughts and poems on your altars to represent their sacred intent. Snap some wonderful photos of the world in your garden or on your travels and use them to give your altar spaces greater meaning. Overlap the hopes and dreams. Let your altars breathe the energy of these different pieces you place there. Call in your guides, your animal totems, your ancestors and invite them to reside with these images and words to bring forth this energy into you daily presence.

Living the Narrow and Deep way here too

Remember to go through your existing Life Spaces and use what you already have – another idea is to use a small digital frame if you have one. I put one of mine on an altar space and uploaded images that tie in with the current meaning of that space.

I also reuse paper. Whilst I sooooo enjoy my altars to be beautiful in all ways, I also dig it when I take a piece of paper recycled from an envelope I received or perhaps packaging from something I purchased and write a poem or a few words that represent the intent of the altar and place the paper on it. I’ve also received wonderful greeting cards and business cards that are art themselves and save those to place on altars.

Action Step

Grab a piece of paper and write – My story has value – or My story is worth telling – or My story is sacred or My story is enough. Place it by your monitor or tape it to your bathroom mirror. Now. Get up, write it and place it now. I’ll wait….. waiting….. waiting….. (or promise you’ll do it later if you aren’t at home) I want you to start right now building that memory muscle that you, your story, your very essence in all its altar forms is worthy, sacred and enough.

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Imagery: Kaia Pieters and Julia Ferguson Andriessen
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