Sacred Intentions Jewelry

I love to make items to adorn myself and others that have a sacred intention.

I do this as the wind and waves may call me. In other words, I create because I am pulled to do so and not as a 9 to 5 job. This means sometimes I have things here to share for purchase and other times there may only be photos of things I’ve made on the last whirlwind of inspiration.

On occasion I make one off pieces to meet the needs of purpose and intention based on a private clients request.

What goes in to each piece

I use semi precious stones, wood, bone, roman glass and other upcycled items. My creation process is solitary, meditative and focused on infusing the item I am making with all the energies and intentions necessary to fill this item up with goodness and love for the wearer.

If you purchase an item from me, I hope you will be delighted to adorn yourself and feel its mystical support and purpose course through you.

What do you already own

I also want to encourage readers to return to their jewelry boxes and perhaps reacquaint themselves with cherished items they’ve forgotten about. Perhaps you already own all you need to adorn your sacred self as an altar of self respect, love and acceptance. This falls in line with my feelings around Living Narrow and Deep.

Perhaps you want to make a few pieces on your own. Or purchase from another woman who makes pieces that speak to you and fill the gaps of your needs to help let your body move and be as an altar in your life. Some of the featured Altarists here may fall in that category for you.

I don’t believe in saying, “you must no longer purchase anything”. Rather I feel it is important, imperative even, to begin to only purchase items that you will cherish and wear. To no longer buy simply because you can and thus waste the world’s resources. As I say elsewhere on this site, Mama Earth needs us to pay attention now. Btw, I feel this about getting Inked as well. Your skin is yours however the materials a tattoo studio uses for ink, marketing, cleanliness etc. also add up. I encourage all of us to choose with our heart and the heart of our Earth in mind. I think this is a key component of treating ourselves as a walking representation of a sacred way of being.

What do you think? Does this fit in with your way of adornment? Body as altar? Are there shifts you wish to make?

How are you honoring your wants whilst cutting back on waste?

As a way to honor my own feelings around this I am continuing to explore ways to reduce my footprint with my making and packaging. If you have tips on this please do share!

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Imagery: Kaia Pieters and Julia Ferguson Andriessen
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