Clarity Sessions

One on one 60 minute sessions to uncover, explore or go deep in one of the altar areas you wish to dive into.

We will do this via Skype, What’s App or phone. Whichever system works best for connecting.

During a Clarity Session, my goal is to encourage you to explore what these ideas and concepts mean to you.

Not to teach you all the ways to be an expert – no – to hopefully inspire you to explore for yourself what sacred means, what building altars in your home, on your body and within your essence/spirit can be.

If you find it helpful, I can share with you examples of what I do and how I’ve come to feel comfortable with my approach. These may include looking into what you value and how you accept yourself and others.

Clarity Sessions are meant to be a jumping off point. These aren’t meant to be complicated or painful. My approach is light hearted and fun.

What I want for you it to get started. I coached individuals globally for over 20 years and my mantra was ‘to set your dreams in motion’. That is what I want for you with Altar This. To get the process started. See what works, feels good, what you want more of or less of. Perhaps to shake you out of a rut or habit in working with altars that you no longer connect with and want to have a fresh take.

The details: (I want this to be easy and accessible for you)
$35 for one Clarity session. One hour.
Come prepared with your completed form and a curious heart. You’ll leave with insight and perhaps some additional exploration and homework to help you move forward.

You can pay via Paypal prior to the scheduled clarity session.

Please note: If you are finding your current financial situation creating hardship and believe a clarity session around one of the altar building forms would help you – contact me and we will schedule the session with no charge. I am more excited about you finding the benefits of using altars than requesting payment. I will request you hold the hope of paying it forward some way some day. You and I will both benefit.

I would love to help you get started.

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