Let your life be your altar

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If you search the web you will find various definitions of ‘altar’ that usually refer to sacrifices and religious rites. While those have had a role in human history that is not how I came to altar building.

For me it was probably when I first starting chatting with the Fae. The wee folk – Fairies or Sprites. The magicks in my Mother’s garden that I was told I was often found ‘playing with’ or conversing with and bringing in baby bird bones as proof of their existence.

I would leave them offerings. Petals or wee leaves or shells. Other things I’d found in the garden. My love of nature and altars was born out of these interactions as I was often left alone from a very young age to amuse myself. Mother Earth stepped in to care for me. And its been a loving relationship since.

For me, building altars, creating sacred space and sanctuary takes me back to the ways I believe my and perhaps your ancestors interacted with mystery and faith born out of the power of nature and a level of uncertainty. 

Well into my 5th decade I’ve learned through my explorations with nature, various religious beliefs and study with mentors, teachers and friends, that I and YOU are inherently sacred. Worthy. Of value and valuable. That one’s relationship with things greater than themselves sits within them, not in a building. 

So when I invite you to live your life as an altar – I am suggesting that you view yourself in this way. Worthy of beautiful offerings. Important enough to be raised up and honored. To take the time to explore what you want and need and use the magick and mystery to help you focus in on those things. To create a life spiritually, physically and within your surroundings that nurtures and inspires you, comforts and surprises you. No sacrifices of old necessary. 

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Imagery: Kaia Pieters and Julia Ferguson Andriessen
Let Your Life Be Your Altar

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Let Your Life Be Your Altar

May it be so – So be it