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Let your life be your altar

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Your home as Altar

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Your Body as Altar

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Your Spirit as Altar

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Musings & Featured Altarists

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I am a witch – a crone – some might say an Old hag.
I give you rocks and wee pebbles to put your sorrows in.
And I still dance with my feet when my body is too stiff to move.
I weave with my words and let my music tell my stories.

Yes I do fly high in the sky on a broom, sweeping away the energies clinging to the moon trying to bring her down.

When I laugh I sometimes snort and giggle and cackle but I do not crack.
I gather my sisters and harvest Earth’s medicines under the setting Autumn sun.
My ancestors teach me their ways when I listen to my bones.

My DNA is a long long ancient history book about women who walked this Earth.
And here at my altar, in my garden, in my heart and by my hearth, I honor you. I honor you all.

23 Sept 2017 Julia Ferguson Andriessen

Let your life be your altar

Join me as we explore the ways altar building within your Life Space and Spirit shifts energy and attracts connection with sacred experiences you’ll hold dear.

Living Narrow and Deep

Learn how to value and cherish what you keep in your Life Space and place on your body while reusing, recycling or sharing what is ready to move forward to someone else.

Featured Altarists for You

How I hope Altar This will inspire and guide you to stand grounded in your sacred being and know you belong. Today is your time. Today and always. Let’s begin.

The Offerings at Altar This

At Altar This, I am aiming to offer you a variety of services to help you navigate life using various tools to support your dreams, your intentions and your wild inner and outer child.

One main part of this service it to introduce you to the various helpers, healers and global wisdom keepers that can inspire and direct you to go deep into your wants and needs and put the energy and action behind them to push them into your present. This is accomplished via interviews I share on my blog and podcast with these gifted women many who also utilize altars in their own work and personal lives. They are the Featured Altarists and you will learn about their approach or reasons for altar building and their personal offerings or professional services.

In addition, I offer instant download programs at various price points to give you nuts and bolts hands on exploration tools to help you clarify your wants and needs.

Lastly, the creative in me offers one-off tools to help you adorn your sacred body and living spaces (Home and Office). I create bracelets and necklaces, wands, photography and poetry to use to place on your physical altars.

A few times a year I support individuals one on one wishing to go deep into their self discovery around their spiritual path using the 3 core altar approaches (Spirit, Body, Home). Reach out to me privately to see if there is an opening available.

Your Guides

By the light of the Moon or the glow of the Sun – May your guides be your lantern for the journey you’ve begun.

Whether familiar or friend, we’re here to help guide you on your way.  Stop by for just a moment or stay longer and play.

Julia, Grijsje and Finnegan

Finnegan, jr. staff member at AltarThis.com


Jr. Staff.  Ball chaser.  Altar disrupter.
Cuddler of the wee hours.
Teaches:  Independence.  Kindness

Julia Ferguson Andriessen

I am the head hat wearer – sometimes a crown, sometimes a hooded Bards robe, sometimes messy garden hair.
Wish to know me better? Clickety Click here!


Chief familiar. Resident advisor & keeper of the wisdom. Possibly Queen of us all.
Teaches:  Self worth.  Loyalty

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Imagery: Kaia Pieters and Julia Ferguson Andriessen
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Let Your Life Be Your Altar

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